Teaching encompasses an enriched pre-School curriculum within a safe and thoughtfully designed early learning environment. 

Welcome to the Hive

The Hive, Clifton High's Pre-School, offers the very best start to an Early Years education, ensuring the highest quality care in a safe and thoughtfully designed environment.

Our dedicated team of qualified and extremely experienced teachers and Early Years educators work in partnership with parents to support and introduce young children to School life. Drawing upon individual potential, we carefully establish solid education foundations whilst compassionately encouraging all our children to become confident and secure learners.

At this early stage, we carefully observe play to develop purposeful activities that appreciate a child's preferred learning style as well as consider individual interests and needs. Our observational teaching ethos, together with asking appropriate and timely thought-provoking questions, naturally creates opportunities that tap into a child’s deeper thinking skills to challenge an enquiring mind.  

Children’s development is strategically targeted towards key milestones within the Early Years Framework, so their knowledge, skills, understanding and confidence are extended with ease.

“Happy children are at the heart of The Hive Pre-School.  Our priority is to gently introduce them to School life, so they naturally grow and develop in their learning.” 

Mrs Sarah Barker - Head of EYFS 

We actively acknowledge that the individual needs of children are met when we can instill and develop positive relationships between them and our caring staff members. By focusing on encouraging a sense of adventure as children move outside of their comfort zones during both indoor and outdoor exploration, taking risks but also becoming aware of how to recognise and avoid hazards creates independent choices. These inspiring hands-on experiences, reflect a child's blossoming self-confidence keeping them safe and stimulated to thrive in The Hive Pre-School.

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The Hive's Pre-School curriculum benefits from our whole School facilities which also supports the learning opportunities found within our Co-Curricular Programme. These include weekly swimming lessons in our on-site 25m indoor swimming pool, tennis, P.E. and dance lessons, gymnastics, junior library, theatre, Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) and adventure.

All teaching and ancillary support staff members are highly trained individuals, who are regularly reviewed, provided with up-to-date training and are paediatric first aid certified to ensure that all children’s academic, emotional and wellbeing needs are met. 

I invite you to visit us to see the transparent advantages of your child joining The Hive for their Pre-School learning and the benefits that will, without doubt, unfold as their educational journey begins.

Mrs Sarah Barker, Head of EYFS