The worth of a holistic education, encouraging all pupils to enjoy learning lies within our School's embedded foundations. 

Ethos and Values



Clifton High School aims to realise the ‘Individual Brilliance’ of each and every pupil. We believe that the most authentic way to achieve this is by offering a well-rounded, bespoke education, delivered by staff who grow to recognise each child’s gifts to offer them unique opportunities to shine. 


At Clifton High School, we believe in the worth of a holistic education, encouraging all pupils to enjoy learning in an environment that supports them as individuals and nurtures their ‘brilliance’.   As pupils become passionate in their interests, learning to deal with both success and defeat, the full potential of their academic, emotional, and personal growth is realised.  They are afforded the opportunity to reach milestones as well as set personal standards with confidence, as they work towards and embark upon successful and self-fulfilled futures.

As a School, we place emphasis on creating a safe and nurturing culture strengthened by a united community that openly recognises and applauds our differences whether it be in gender, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnicity, disability, religion, or culture. 


    The bedrock of any school is when curiosity is embedded into the learning structure.  At Clifton High School, our pupils are educated to be informed individuals. They develop the ability and knowledge to apply the art of questioning and debating that builds confidence in themselves to explore the development of new and independent ideas.
    Consideration of alternative perspectives directly relates to the formation of relationships with one another.  As a School, we aim to foster empathy in our pupils, allowing them to appreciate a world based upon human interaction and nature. Our embedded pastoral system equips them with the ability and desire to change the world in positive ways, maintaining a foundation of kindness throughout their life.
  • LOVE
    Relationships are enhanced when the value of love, for oneself and others, is achieved. We encourage pupils to believe that love for others directly equates to an inclination of prioritising personal wellbeing.  Effectiveness is heightened when individuals develop the confidence and resilience of self-love.  Loving the natural world, feeling passionate about the outdoors and nurturing a desire to preserve our planet for future generations are lessons constantly celebrated within the School.
    Collectively, Clifton High School’s values direct pupils to aspire and achieve in the education that they receive, beyond the parameters of a standard curriculum.  We actively encourage pupils to strive for ambition through a commitment and dedication to accomplishing their personal goals, all of which provide direction, purpose and drive motivation.