Proving to be an ambitious and competent leader.

Eco Matters

Under the supervision of Mrs Schmid and Mrs Giles, Louis a Leadership Team Year 13 pupil who is our current Eco and Sustainability Lead has attended meetings, presented assemblies, written in the School magazine and organised many events. 


Clifton High School is passionate about sustainability, ecology and conserving local and global environments. Our Eco Committee is a thriving, student-led group who strive to put these words into actions and make an impact on School life.  

Early in the Autumn Term, the Eco Committee meet with Mr Luke Goodman, Head of School, to present and agree the Eco Aims for the academic year ahead.

Short Term: Continue to encourage students to travel to School actively
Medium Term: Increase the biodiversity within School, starting with plants in tutor rooms
Long Term: Become a Fair-Trade School

The Eco committee meet on a weekly basis, in EG1, to plan and discuss how the School can help to tackle pressing environmental issues.

Below is a list of many of the amazing projects the Eco Committee has achieved in recent years:

  • Clifton High School have achieved the Green Flag award three times, achieving it with Distinction in 2023
  • Participated in Bristol Education Partnership Climate Challenge Events including:

Active Travel Ambassadors

Active Travel Campaign in June 2023

Gold Lock Prizes for those that actively travel to School

Emergency Bike Repair kit in School

Dr Bike came into School to maintain student and staff bicycles

Designed new recycling bins

  • Supported Food Committees where pupils and Eco specialists in School promoted sustainable strategies to the chef. 
  • Implemented a clean air zone around the School
  • Eco photograph competition for pupils, staff and parents
  • Bright Green Day - a day of whole School Eco activities that take place annually
  • Eco assembly - many School assemblies are run by the Eco Committee
  • Organised recycling around School
  • Christmas jumper swap shop to reduce waste from fast fashion
  • Raising money for environmental charities, including tree planting
  • Designed new energy signs to encourage students to switch off lights when a room is not in use