Junior School


Within our Junior School, classes are staffed by passionate and inspiring teachers. Class sizes are small and the individual attention children receive means that teaching can be differentiated and each child can be set individual challenges based on their own ability enabling them to find and celebrate their individual brilliance.

Learning in the Junior School is engaging, exciting and challenging and all children are encouraged to be curious, creative and confident. Children are taught the skills they need to become self- motivated, inquisitive, enthusiastic learners with a sound sense of direction. Children learn to embrace new opportunities and take risks which take them outside their comfort zone. We enjoy an enviable reputation for the breadth of extra-curricular activities that are available to our children and our Leadership and Adventure Programmes which allow children to experience a diverse range of activities outside the normal curriculum.  

Throughout Clifton High School we celebrate the individuality of our children and they flourish in an environment where they can be themselves. We are proactive in our approach and look to identify, develop and unlock hidden talents.

When children transition into our Senior School, they are capable, well-mannered and confident members of society with an excellent understanding of the importance of our school values of Love, Empathy, Direction and Curiosity. Children are compassionate towards each other and prepared for their new journey in the next chapter of their life.