The emphasis lies in the development of resilient, happy children.


The Key Stage 2 Curriculum administered in our Junior School is enriched by a far reaching Co-Curricular Programme and supported by a well-established pastoral system.

Our approach to learning provides children with a plethora of opportunities that aim to unfold strengths whilst developing curiosity to facilitate resilient, happy children. 
Teacher planning is pupil-centric with regular annual subject audits that ensure what is taught in class not only reaches the correct cohort but is also suited to the individual child.  Systematic assessments are administered through oral and written feedback to track and monitor progress, culminating in formal end of term academic reports.   

Junior School Curriculum
  • English (including spelling and grammar) 
  • Mathematics 
  • Science 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Science  
  • Art and design   
  • Music, including singing   
  • Physical Education  
  • Swimming  
  • Computing   
  • Adventure   
  • Leadership (skills for humanity, a sustainable 21st Century, success in life)   
  • Technology ( Food and Nutrition, Design Technology, Further Computing)   
  • Fixtures   
  • PSHE & RSE