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An education for life.


The co-educational richness of the Senior School is magnified by the vibrant energy of our pupil community who each reflect an open-minded and social approach to learning. The extensive timetable that sits alongside co-curricular opportunities ensures all pupils benefit from an education that they are able to carry with them for life.


During a Senior School education at Clifton High School, pupils study a curriculum that develops both their academic and personal goals with expectations that realise their individual performance levels.  Supportive teaching methods encourage ambition in pupils, with a strong personal drive to succeed, as they embark upon the final stages of their education. The co-curricular opportunities available to our Senior School pupils are aligned to enhancing their learning and invaluable in enhancing ambition.




We educate our young people to be informed, inquisitive individuals with the ability and knowledge to use the art of questioning to explore the development of new independent ideas. This, in turn, instils in them confidence and a lifelong love of learning. 



The consideration of alternative perspectives is something we foster in our pupils. It enables them to go out in the world with a desire to make positive change, through kindness, respect and understanding. 



Relationships are enhanced when the value of love, for oneself and others, is achieved. This is something we encourage in all pupils, alongside a love of the planet we live on, the natural world around us and a passion for preserving it. 



We constantly support pupils to strive for ambition through a commitment and dedication to achieve personal goals that provides individual and personal direction, gives purpose and drives motivation. 

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Joining Us

  • Sixth Form

    Years 12 and 13

    Clifton High School’s Sixth Form is distinctive in its approach to co-education for 16-18 year-olds, holding the power to be the most memorable and formative phase of a child's School career. Extensive A level options, a wide range of ancillary courses and the diverse co-curricular opportunities we offer, focus on more independent, self-advocating methods of learning to develop these young adults into individuals that are able to embark upon futures with focus and determination, confident that they hold the tools for success.

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  • Senior School

    Year 7 to Year 11

    The co-educational richness of the Senior School is magnified by the vibrant energy of the pupil community who each reflect an open-minded and social approach to learning. Their extensive timetable that sits alongside extra-curricular opportunities ensures all pupils benefit from an education that they can carry with them for life.

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  • Junior School

    Year 3 to Year 6

    The personal and academic development of Junior School children is thoroughly explored as they are equipped with the skills to transition into Senior School with self-confidence.  Specialist teaching focuses on understanding their individuality and talents in specific subject areas to encourage a more mature growth mindset.

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  • Infant School

    Reception to Year 2

    The Infant School's nurturing approach to learning establishes and builds upon the foundations of a solid education. Children are encouraged to take confident risks, knowing that our safe community safety net is in place to guide them in their discoveries. Teaching is focused on learning through an academic exploration of the curriculum with a hands-on approach to self and social discovery.

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  • The Hive

    Our Pre-School

    The Hive is Clifton High School’s nurturing Pre-School that offers a year-round provision with the options of full-time, part-time or term-time only for children aged three upwards.  Alongside an educational focus and traditional academic day, the on-site care provided from 8.00am to 6.00pm includes three nutritionally balanced meals, plus snacks for the children.

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Our website may be the first step in discovering Clifton High School, yet it is only the beginning of a wonderful journey for your family. We urge you to come and meet us to discover the rich educational experience we offer and be introduced to our welcoming community.

The cultural values of Curiosity, Empathy, Love and Direction are threads that filter through the entire School and sit at the forefront of our teaching methods. We like to inform all our new pupils that their individuality will be nurtured as they are guided to contribute positively both within and outside the classroom.

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