Unleashing Creativity - Explore Clifton High School’s thriving Creative Arts Curriculum in the Sixth Form

Creative Arts

We enthusiastically advocate creative potential, on any level, embracing unleashed talent, dedication and motivation”.
Mr Luke Goodman, Head of School

Clifton High School’s Creative Arts curriculum is one that nurtures young talent to ignite imagination and extract the confidence and skills necessary to unleash all pupils’ creative energy. It is an avenue for children to flourish emotionally where they can explore ideas, stimulate their imagination, unearth talent and be exposed to a lifetime journey of art and culture.

Artistic development, at any year group level, plays a vital role in a child’s education with far-reaching benefits and the tools for children to think creatively, innovate and appreciate the far-reaching value of the arts, all whilst maximising their own creative flair. Music, theatre, art and photography are incorporated into Clifton High School’s curriculum from the outset, developed throughout all the Year groups.

As a School, we believe that ‘artistry’ is a voice that all individuals can use to express themselves and in us providing a diverse mix of initiatives, we can ensure the arts are accessible for each of our pupils to explore and develop whilst fully maximising their talents.

Our enriching offerings include:


Clifton High School’s Drama Department is focused on developing a passion for performance, offering a transformative space for pupils to hone their acting skills, explore improvisation, role play and delve into the world of stage management. Pupils learn from the grass roots up to consider set design, costume creation, acting, directing, sound and lighting to ultimately bring performances to life. Whatever the theme, our drama teachers encourage pupils to push boundaries, challenge themselves and others, discovering the power of storytelling.

Our in-house theatre, The Rose Theatre, provides a platform for students to showcase their individual talents as well as collaborate as a group to gain the skills necessary for the world stage! Workshops and co-curricular classes, led by industry professionals, also enhance the pupils’ wider understanding of what drama, as a subject, can offer them.

The culmination of months of dedication, our 2024 production of Grease: The Musical was showcased in Clifton’s Redgrave Theatre to an energetic and captivated audience that matched that of the performers. Being drawn back to 1959, the upbeat and catchy lyrics of the classic film filled the theatre with a buzz of excitement for three sold-out evenings.

They have been courageous, malleable and creative individuals who have challenged and pushed throughout”.
Mr Craig Pullen, Head of Drama and Production Director


From the vision of our Drama teachers to the audition process through to the commitment required for the rehearsals and the ultimate endurance of a show of epic proportions, the comradery and commitment from all involved was a clear indication of Clifton High School’s dedication to drama.

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Clifton High School’s vibrant music curriculum and co-curricular programmes are wide ranging to unite a spectrum of music lovers; nurturing their own creativity whilst creating a safe space to collaborate with each other. The subject develops performance analysis skills, helping pupils to build confidence of being in front of an audience with the intention of challenging themselves beyond their comfort zones.

Music is such a personal journey of exploration; it is vital that we create a safe and nurturing environment in which our pupils can flourish. You never know what you are capable of until you do it!”
Mrs Donia Pieters, Head of Senior School Music

The Music GCSE and A level curriculum courses prepare pupils in the way music is composed and performed around the world, as well as the writing of a number of their own music pieces using this required knowledge.

Music technology plays a large part of study, whereby pupils learn to use software to notate their compositions. We are fortunate to have an industry-standard recording studio within our Music Department to develop skills. It is utilised for teaching A level Music Technology as well as recording School podcasts and is a space for younger pupils to explore technology’s vital role in the creative industries. Given that many careers in Music and the Arts depend upon this technology, we provide the comprehensive tuition to ensure that pupils are confident in its application.

Clifton High School hosts a series of pupil-led musical performances throughout the year including our festive Annual Carol Concert and regular Lunchtime Concerts held at Clifton Cathedral as well as our Spring Concert that takes place at Bristol’s live music venue, St George’s. Featuring soloists, ensembles and band performances they showcase the diversity within our music community. All occasions serve as opportunities for pupils from all year groups to work together with staff and parent choir and band members and for families to appreciate the continued hard work and dedication of our children.



A canvas for creativity, our Art curriculum throughout the year groups allows pupils to experiment with a variety of mediums, from drawing, painting and sculpture to ceramics, digital media and animation. Children are encouraged to express themselves in a variety of ways by enhancing practical skills whilst also strengthening their intellectual knowledge of the arts and the work of artists and designers, both contemporary and traditional.

The Art GCSE curriculum and A level Fine Art programmes require an enjoyment of being creative with an aspiring nature to develop unique perspectives with the added aim of better understanding imagery as well as budding artistic and design expression. Sixth Form students work in a designated Art Studio and have a private study area within the department, enabling them to continue working on their individual projects during their study periods

All pupils are afforded opportunities to partake in Bristol’s Annual Arts Trail, visit exhibitions and museums in London as well as encouraged to submit work to national competitions such as the Royal Academy’s Young Artist Summer Show.


A level Photography at Clifton High School is a subject for pupils to explore their creative vision and the world around them, whether it be capturing the beauty of nature or urban landscapes through to community narratives and portraits. We encourage children to see the stories held behind a lens, affording them opportunities to unleash their personal artistic expression. “

We understand that our image-based culture requires a generation of inspiring creatives that can tap into their skill base to forge successful careers in photography.”
Mr Paul Ayers, Head of Art


From learning how to use a DSLR camera, to capturing a shot or scene in differing conditions, both the GCSE and A level courses suit a creative individual who enjoys the challenge of experimentation. Pupils explore a range of photographic media, techniques and processes using up-to-date software packages as well as researching and investigating the work of other photographers.


As a School, we are incredibly proud of what we cultivate in our Creative Arts curriculum. From the stage to the studio, Clifton High School is adept at encouraging pupils to explore, experiment and excel in their selected artistic pursuits. We hope you continue to enjoy the threads of creativity weaved throughout the School as we maintain lessons that inspire and ignite imaginations.