Our educators are the embodiment of care as they create a safety net for pupils to confidently step outside of their comfort zone.   

School Life

Clifton High Junior School is a learning environment that matures children to transition through the formative years of an education with a natural understanding of their 'individual brilliance'.  

Our highly qualified teaching staff and assistants focus on engaging children to be challenged and motivated in lessons as they gently guide them to reach their full potential of learning. Class sizes that are intentionally small providing the paramaters for each child to discover how curiosity, creativity and confidence in their own abilities can result in personal success.   


At Clifton High Junior School we encourage children to trust us as we facilitate a safety net that supports risk taking.  Whilst this may be indicative of the breadth of co-curricular opportunities afforded to their flourishing generation, it is more fundamentally the sense of direction and adventure that grows leadership and life skills in 'our' children, encouraging them to inspire a ‘give it a go’ attitude.

Parents can be assured that a child's natural aptitude and talents are consciously unlocked in Junior School, preparing them for their transition and continued growth into Senior School and beyond. Our goal is that they leave us with confidence, upholding manners and having our School values of Love, Empathy, Direction and Curiosity embedded in them as they become members of society.