Providing a profoundly enriching experience for all pupils.


Co-curricular is an essential part of life at Clifton High, providing a profoundly enriching experience for all pupils. It serves to broaden their horizons, foster new interests and hone essential skills.

With an extensive array of over one hundred and fifty clubs, thoughtfully categorized into Skills Development, Academic Progress and Individual Brilliance, we wholeheartedly encourage participation in all three spheres.


Embracing a holistic approach to individual growth, we cater to a diverse range of interests, aspiring to ignite in our pupils an engaged and empathetic response to the world around them. Our aim is to nurture well-rounded individuals who thrive on inspiration and professional development.


There are many sporting clubs that complement and expand on our Sports curriculum. Rugby, Hockey, Football, Netball and Cricket clubs provide more training opportunities that reflect our Games schedule and fixtures programme. We also offer an array of sports clubs that are more unique and reflect trends and interests of our pupils, we also try to provide pupils the chance to try a sport they may never have thought of trying before or had the opportunity to. Some of these clubs include; Yoga,Tennis, Golf, Taekwondo, Water Polo, Judo, Badminton, Fencing, Trampolining and more.

The valued and esteemed sporting partnerships we have with University of Bristol, Henleaze Performance Swimming Club and Bristol Sport allow our pupils to train with world-class professionals around their education. More information on our Sports Programming and Partnerships can be found on our sports page:

Senior Sports

Music and Performance

With many pupils and staff passionate about the Arts, we have a vast number of musical and performance clubs that see our pupils come together to commit to a performance, collaborate, and build technical skills. These include; Music Tech Club, Music Theory and Composition, Cantata, String Group, Hip Hop Dance Class, School Production, and more. Their work often culminates in performances at  our termly Lunchtime Concerts, Spring Concert, School Production, Piano Concert, Drum Concert, Dance Recitals and many more.

We are also fortunate enough to have visiting Music Teachers for individual lessons:

Music Lessons

clubs and societies

Offering a broad range of clubs is very important, and ensures all individual pupils feel they have an interest supported and encouraged by the School. Some of these clubs include;

  • Chess Club
  • French Film Club
  • Coding
  • Physics Club
  • Oracy
  • Book Club
  • Fantasy Football Club
  • Model Airfix Club
  • Eco Club
  • School Newspaper  

From Year 10-13 pupils and students can join societies. These are often topical and provide a platform for like-minded individuals to come together, engage in related activities and events, and have healthy discussions; fostering a sense of community.

As pupils move up through the School they are encouraged to take a more active role in initiating and leading clubs and societies; allowing them to develop their own interests while providing an opportunity for leading others.

the power of performance and value of community

In Year 7, we offer "The Power of Performance," a captivating program that fosters essential skills like oracy, storytelling, and self-expression. Through weekly choir sessions and rotational activities in dance, debating, drama, film making, photography, and public speaking, they get to explore various disciplines. Termly performances for parents and the local community provide a platform for showcasing their honed talents and passions. further fueling their love for performing and empowering them with newfound confidence to express themselves in front of others—a skill of immense importance in today's world.

Year 8 pupils, explore a programme called “The Value of Community”. They continue to come together for choir plus they are able to try a range of skills and interests, including charity awareness and basic self-defence, in rotating weekly sessions.

Excelsior Forum 

Scholars and pupils are invited to attend weekly Excelsior Forum talks, where a visitor relating to a subject comes into School to share more on their work and experiences in their field. It is a great opportunity for all pupils to broaden their horizons and learn about industries or areas  they may not have much knowledge on.

world challenge

Our pupils in Year 8 and Year 11 (on alternating years) can embark on a World Challenge expedition; an exhilarating experience that fosters self-discovery and life-changing moments. Participants develop invaluable life skills, building confidence and forming lasting relationships. These experiences can impress future employers and enhance university applications.

Throughout the expedition, pupils face mental and physical challenges that push them beyond their comfort zones, teaching resilience in adversity. Engaging in voluntary work and thrilling outdoor activities like white water rafting and trekking, they work as a team, taking responsibility and mastering decision-making. This transformative journey also promotes environmental awareness and cultural appreciation. Past expeditions have included; 

  • 2017: Nepal
  • 2016: Iceland
  • 2015: Costa Rica
  • 2012: Namibia
  • 2010: Nicaragua and Costa Rica
  • 2008: Uganda
  • 2006: Cambodia and Thailand
Duke of Edinburgh 

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award (DofE) is an enjoyable and rewarding personal development programme for ages 14-25. Clifton High School offers Bronze DofE from Year 9 and Gold from age 16. Achieving an Award demonstrates character and commitment, valued by universities and employers. Pupils engage in four (Bronze) or five (Gold) sections, including volunteering, expeditions, physical activities, and skills development. The Gold Award includes a residential component. Detailed requirements can be found on the DofE website.


The Adventure Programme firmly established in the Infants and Juniors, also crosses over into co-curricular opportunities for our Seniors with weekly co-curricular one off sessions and courses, end of year and bonding trips, opportunities Opportunities for coaching on individual pursuit sports and Natural History and sustainability sessions for all Year 7-9 pupils.