Bespoke support and guidance tailored towards the individual needs of each Sixth Form student.

Pastoral Care

Clifton High School is renowned for the high level of pastoral care our staff community affords the Sixth Form student population.  

Our comprehensive pastoral system is student-centric with a collaborative approach that tailors support and guidance towards the needs of each individual.

Once a student enters our Sixth Form environment, we encourage them to take ownership over their learning. Whilst this is an actively encouraged new and more independent path, it neither withdraws attention from nor disregards the importance we place upon the pastoral care and support they receive.

The outstanding team of Clifton High School empathetic tutors who work alongside Miss Katherine Rich, Head of Sixth Form and Ms Lucy Horton, Deputy Head of Sixth Form, are experienced in understanding that these final years in a student’s education can be both emotionally and academically challenging.  Our established wellbeing-focused support mechanisms are structured to ensure all Sixth Form staff members meet their dedicated students and respective families regularly to truly acquaint themselves as they monitor progress, oversee pastoral matters and encourage a sense self awareness.  This reliable tutor system is efficient in corroborating academic mentoring, encouraging engagement in co-curricular activies, growing interests and recognising talents to offer extreme value to a student’s School experience.  

The additional pastoral support offered by our dedicated A level subject teachers can help more specifically with concerns that may arise surrounding areas of studies and subjects. The consistent three-way partnership and communication channels formed between student, families and the School is upheld throughout designated sessions which are the first point of contact for any student or parent who may require guidance.

As students navigate life beyond Clifton High School, our doors remain firmly open.  All past pupils become enrolled as a Rosarian, our alumni body, for which they are warmly welcomed back to reach out for guidance, or indeed to offer their own experience and knowledge to the current student population as well as return for the enjoyment of events and celebrations.