Fostering skill development, self-confidence, resilience, and teamwork.


The Adventure Programme provides our children ample opportunities to explore the great outdoors, take on thrilling challenges, and broaden their appreciation for the natural world. 

Collaborating with Mendip Activity Centre, Belmont Estate, and Farm Link, we have curated a bespoke outdoor education experience, tailored to enrich the learning journey of every child in our Junior School. This includes; 

  • Fortnightly Adventure half day for each year group
  • A range of activities around the Mendips, run by the trained and experienced professionals at Mendip Activity Centre, such as archery, caving and canoeing. Here children follow a main pursuit each term (Rock, Snow or Water) where they complete a progressive course
  • Optional expeditions at the end of some main pursuit courses
  • Adventure Plus sessions which are teacher-led and focus on enriching the half termly theme outdoors


Embracing sustainability as a core principle, our Adventure programme minimizes transport, eliminates packaging, and reduces paper waste, ensuring a responsible and impactful approach to learning. This type of exploration instills respect, a responsibility and love for the natural world. 

Our Junior children thrive in their Adventure sessions which bring transferable skills to the classroom and other areas of the curriculum too.