We ensure each pupil is seen, heard and understood.

Pastoral Care

Clifton High School is renowned for the high level of pastoral care its staff community affords each individual pupil.

Our overall approach is pupil-centric with a collaborative dedication that tailors support and guidance towards the individual needs of each child. The successful achievement of this is as a result of the consistent effort made by our staff community for each Senior School pupil to be seen, heard and understood. 

Pupil and parent expectations, together with the natural onset of emotional and physical changes, requires adjustment and understanding within the School environment. We recognise that these changes together with the transition to Senior School is a significant milestone in the life of an adolescent and, it goes without saying, we are here to help. 

The additional pastoral support offered in the Senior School is administered by a member of the teaching staff together with a form tutor, who work collectively to monitor pupil progress, oversee pastoral matters and encourage self awareness. They meet pupils in small groups of ten or less as well as through the scheduled fortnightly tutor periods to uphold a three-way partnership that focuses on effective communication methods. One to one, designated sessions are the first point of contact for any pupil or parent who may require guidance.

Clifton High School believes that tutors offer extreme value to a child’s School experience. Their insight into the personality of the pupil enables them to mentor not only their academic studies, but also their commitment to co-curricular activities; growing their interests and recognising their talents. The fortnightly 1-2-1 tutor periods between both pupils and their tutor are dedicated time slots to discuss academic progress, wellbeing and any concerns a pupil may have encountered.

As a School, we appreciate the two quite distinct year-group phases from Year 7 to Year 9 and Year 10 to Year 11 and with the overall guidance of Senior staff members, tutors are able to act as a voice of reason or correction throughout the duration of a pupil's education in these years.

Health & Wellbeing Lessons
  Year 7 transition & safety year 8 substance& the law year 9 staying safe Year 10 mental health year 11 building for the future
Week 1 Basic First Aid Re-introduction to Health & Wellbeing Re-introduction to Health & Wellbeing Introduction to Health & Wellbeing Introduction to Health & Wellbeing. Dealing with change.
Week 2 No Lesson - Bonding Trip Effects of alcohol Why people join a gang Overcoming new challenges Exam stress
Week 3 Introduction to Health & Wellbeing (who can help?) Effects of vaping Consequences of joining a gang Reframing negative thinking Perseverance & resilience
Week 4 Transition to secondary school Drugs Police talk (Rose Theatre) Drugs, the law & managing risk Diversity Diversity
Week 5 Staying safe online Effects of caffeine & cigarettes Exploring attitudes to alcohol - Alcoholics Anonymous Emotional wellbeing Sleep
Week 6 What makes a good friend? Substances & peer pressure Knife crime - Avon & Somerset Police Dealing with stress Prejudice & stereotyping