Welcome to Clifton High School

Thank you for showing interest in our School, Clifton High.

Clifton High School is a 3-18, co-educational, independent, day school in the heart of Clifton Village, Bristol. The School's philosophy is to Realise Individual Brilliance in all of our children and young people.

Established in 1877, Clifton High has a rich history and has evolved from a traditional girl’s school to the diverse co-educational day school you find today.

Every school has a tagline or slogan that defines them and their positioning as a school. These few words portray to parents and the community what their school is trying to achieve for its children and young people. Clifton High School is no exception. From the moment you walk through the School gates, Clifton High’s tagline: ‘Realising Individual Brilliance is clearly more than just that.

It is embedded into the fabric of everything our School does, for both pupils and staff. This is a very special place, but Clifton High goes beyond that, and it is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our website which will give you some insight into what we do. 

However, there can be no substitute for a visit in person to give you a real sense of our School. Visitors frequently express how warm a place it is and they recognise how full of laughter and productivity the classrooms, corridors and social areas are as they walk around the School. Parents comment on the excellent relationships between staff and pupils - relaxed but always respectful.

Our culture and ethos are very important to us and are integral these relationships.  They are underpinned by our School Values: Curiosity, Empathy, Love, and Direction.  These values thread throughout our school, reminding pupils that learning is at the heart of what we do, but that understanding others and loving them for who they are, as well as learning to love themselves, helps them to become the people our world needs.  Our School Strategy explains how our six strategic foci are working to bring about the realisation of these values and our school aim. 

We thrive on encouraging and supporting everyone, nurturing their individual talents so that they are not only successful in life, but happy too. Happy learners progress more successfully, carrying curiosity into their lives beyond the school gates. Our strong sense of community, which we can offer in a medium-sized school, means that each child develops a powerful sense of empathy for others, and a love and humanity towards one another that enables them to change the world in positive and exciting ways. Children at Clifton High leave with clear direction in their lives, confident in themselves, and with relationships that will last a life time. 

Our committed staff, beautiful buildings and our stunning grounds in the heart of Clifton Village, all come together to offer a learning environment that is unlike any other. We are a dynamic organisation, not afraid of change, always ready to move with the times and be leaders in our field and the wider community.

In your search for a school for your child, you may look at Boys’ schools, you may look at Girls’ schools, and you may look at Co-Educational schools. Clifton High offers all three options.  We are the only school in Bristol to operate the Diamond Edge Model of education where at certain key stages in their learning, boys and girls are taught separately in core subjects. This helps them achieve maximum potential in the classroom, but at the same time benefit from retaining a socially educational environment in some subjects and outside the classroom.

We pride ourselves on our academic successes but do not measure them through league tables alone. We put an equal emphasis on pupil’s personal development too; who they become and what they achieve. We celebrate individuality and our aim is to produce happy, free-thinking young people with belief in themselves, confidence to pursue their ambitions and the resilience to succeed, whatever life presents. Alongside this, we believe that the privilege of an excellent education brings with it responsibility, and we send young people out into the world who are ready to make a real and positive contribution to society.

I hope that you come for a visit and I can meet you in person to talk about what Clifton High can offer your child and family.

Matthew Bennett, Head of School