Our Nursery and Pre-School classes are staffed by well-qualified teachers and teaching assistants. Children also receive specialist teaching in music and literacy. The Nursery staff team is experienced and well-established and from this comes a sense of stability and security from which our children thrive.  Providing first class teaching is a key aim at Clifton High School and even among our youngest pupils we strive to achieve this. We support all our girls and boys as they take their first steps on their learning journey; be it recognising their first letters or numbers, or starting to write their first words.

Our talented and enthusiastic staff work hard to create a welcoming, homely environment that is reassuring, but at the same time stimulating and fun. For many of our girls and boys, attending Nursery School can be their first experience of being away from the family setting.

Clifton High School is well known for its strong sense of community and friendly atmosphere. Staff in the Nursery School know each child and their parents well which creates a mutually supportive and responsible environment. Each child in the Nursery receives the support of their 'key person' who focuses particular attention on their emotional well-being and development. Staff monitor and record each child’s development, ensuring they are stimulated and challenged to begin the steady journey towards independence.

We are committed to on-going training and our staff regularly attend professional development courses to enhance their skills, keeping abreast of current thinking and educational practice. Innovative education and forward-thinking teaching methods are always at the forefront of our team’s thoughts. All staff undertake ongoing assessment, evaluation and “action research” to ensure they provide the very best for our children at all times. Staff are trained in paediatric first aid, a qualified paediatric first aider is on site at all times during the school day and will accompany the children on any visits they participate in.

Child protection and safeguarding are a top priority for all staff at Clifton High School. Recruitment policies are robust for teaching, business support and other adults in contact with the children. All members of staff go through a rigorous recruitment process, including a DBS check, and take part in an ongoing process of continued professional development in child protection and safeguarding.