Clifton High School is renowned for its outstanding pastoral care. Underpinning all we do at Clifton High is the care with which we guide and support our children.

The Nursery School has a qualified teacher and a teaching assistant with a nursery nurse qualification. Class sizes are small to allow teachers and teaching assistants to know the children well and devote more time to each individual child. Each child is allocated a key person who is responsible for their emotional, social and physical development.

It is central to a child's well-being and development that they are happy and feel safe, secure and supported. Our teachers and teaching assistants ensure that each child feels a valued member of the class and year group so that a strong self-image and self-esteem are promoted. Each child’s key person  tracks and monitors their development and follows their interests so that relevant activities can be planned.

The achievements of our girls and boys are celebrated and their progress is closely monitored; development, and speech and language skills are tracked on an ongoing basis so that any need for special provision is quickly identified. We work closely with parents to establish the level of need for each individual child and then agree how this is best provided and funded. Our Enhanced Learning Department can provide an additional level of support where staff have created bespoke programmes suitable for the needs of younger children.

Teachers and teaching assistants work closely with parents in an atmosphere of mutual respect providing each child with security, confidence and high-quality care.