Life in the Hive

The Hive Nursery Pre-School is located on the ground floor of a beautiful Victorian building on the main school site.

We welcome children in the Hive to School from 8.00am for breakfast, and the School day officially starts at 8.45am. They are given a mid-morning snack and milk at 10.30am and, for those children staying all day, School lunch is served at midday.

Children attending morning-only sessions are collected at midday, and for those who are all-day they can be collected at either 3.30pm, or stay for tea, and then be picked up from 4.30pm onwards so as not to disrupt their set meal time.

The Hive officially closes at 6.00pm, so we ask for all children to be collected by 5.50pm. Those children who are attending a full day are given the opportunity to rest or sleep following lunch.

Throughout the School day, girls and boys are involved in a range of adult-led and free-play activities both indoors and outdoors. This may include planting, food exploration, problem solving, music, large and small motor activities, phonics and mathematics, forest school, group times and much more. We encourage children to explore the world around them and to communicate their thoughts and feelings about the things they find.

Importantly, at Clifton High School, life in The Hive is not separate to the school as a whole. The children are involved in activities such as Sports Day, easter egg hunts and charity events and, with their parents,  are welcome to attend Rose Day and the annual carol service.