Preparing for Universities

There is an expectation that the majority of Clifton High School Year 13 will go on to university. Historically this is the choice taken by most of our Sixth Form students. Preparing for university while studying for A level qualifications can be an intense period, therefore at Clifton High we do all we can to guide and support our students at this critical time.

All our students receive outstanding levels of support for their university applications from their personal tutor, Miss Katherine Rich, Head of Sixth Form and Mrs Giles, Head of Futures and Skills. Each and every Sixth Form student also has one-to-one meetings with Dr Neill, Head of School, who will help and guide them in their personal statement and prepare their reference.

Our experience in making university applications is as diverse as the students we teach. We will support our students fully wherever they decide to go and whatever they decide to study. From Oxbridge to studying abroad, from undergraduate masters courses to foundation degrees, we will help each individual find the perfect course, which makes the most of their strengths and allows them to pursue their interests.

For many of our students, their ambition is to study a subject they are passionate about at one of the top universities in the country. In 2017, over 80% of students achieved a place at the university of their first choice, all of which were highly acclaimed institutions offering first class courses in their chosen discipline. 

The following pages provide more detailed information on how we support our students in applying for university.

Applying to University

Taking a Year Out

You may go directly to university after leaving Clifton High but similarly you may choose to take a year out, which provides you with the opportunity to broaden your experience of the world before you take up your university place. The Futures and Skills Department provides advice and guidance to students at every stage of the UCAS application process including those who wish to apply for deferred entry. 

Throughout the Sixth Form years we also provide advice and information regarding volunteering opportunities, travelling abroad and year out options. We can put you in touch with reputable year out or volunteering companies and we invite relevant speakers to attend Futures and Skills sessions to inform pupils on ways to plan a worthwhile year out, which will prove a safe and trouble-free experience. Links with local volunteering firms are also in place, which help to support students with short or long term volunteering placements in the local area; these range from helping vulnerable people in the community to subject specific projects. Students are also encouraged to join the Clifton High Connects LinkedIn group which can be an excellent source of contacts.