Our Sixth Form students achieve great things in the academic environment, the extra-curricular environment and in their personal lives. Our young people contribute so much to School life and are superb ambassadors for our School. We think it is extremely important to recognise this and our annual Rose Day prize-giving ceremony allows us to show our students how proud we are of them in the presence of the whole of our School community. Prizes are awarded to Sixth Form students for academic excellence in their A level studies, for achievement in sport at a national level and to those who have been part of the Head’s Team. The following prizes have been left as a legacy to the school and are awarded annually:

  • Carleton Award In memory of Dr Hugh Carleton, a Bristol neurologist, awarded to exceptional students who wish to pursue a career in medical or allied professions.
  • Nikki Carlton Award In memory of Nikki Carlton (1979-2002), an exceptional Clifton High School student (1989-1996); awarded to a Sixth Form student with a thirst for knowledge.
  • James English Art Prize Donated by James English, Head of Art (1969-1981).
  • Trevor Haddrell Art Prize For progress and commitment. Donated by Trevor Haddrell, Head of Art (1984-2000).
  • Amanda Gliddon Cup For contribution to School drama, in recognition of Amanda’s time at the School (1976-1989).
  • Shippobotham Cup For contribution to the musical life of the School at Sixth Form level. Donated by Ann Shippobotham, Teacher of Music (1974-2000).
  • Heming Plate for Singing In recognition of Michelle Heming’s time at Clifton High (1982-1994).
  • Nangia Prize For personal achievement and contribution to School life. Given by the Nangia Family.
  • John James Tools of the Trade Monies awarded by the John James Bristol Foundation for a student to purchase equipment that will assist him or her in his or her chosen career.
  • Special Award Awarded by the Head for ambition and pursuit of goals.
  • Anne Crossley Prize For historical enquiry.
  • Joanne Brown Cup For debating, in recognition of Joanne’s time at the School (1986-1993).
  • The Expedition Cup Awarded to the Sixth Form student making the greatest contribution to a Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award expedition or other School expedition.
  • Eleanor Addison Phillips Award (Headmistress 1908-1933) Awarded for contribution to the Sixth Form community.