the sixth form booklet 2022
At Clifton High School we offer a broad choice of A level courses. Our small Sixth Form allows us a high degree of flexibility and we do our best to accommodate each student's subject choices where possible.

The choices which are made at A level can have a major impact on what can be studied at degree level and upon future careers. Subject combinations tend to relate to broad categories of degree - scientific, linguistic or artistic. If students are unsure what they would like to study at A level we will offer support and advice to help them make the right decisions.

Many courses at university level build upon the knowledge which has been gained while still at school. For this reason, some university courses may require applicants to have studied a specific subject prior to entry, others may not. However, there are some A level subjects that are required more often than others and these subjects are sometimes referred to as facilitating subjects. Subjects that can be viewed as ‘facilitating’ are:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • English (Literature)
  • Geography
  • History
  • Languages (Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, German)
  • Mathematics and Further Mathematics
  • Physics

If there is a subject of interest which does not appear on our list then please do get in touch. We can help students access subjects in a variety of ways such as correspondence courses, Open University, or working in another school or college.

Main examination boards:


Pearson (formerly Edexcel)