The Diamond Edge Model of Education

Clifton High School was the first school in the South West and is the only school in Bristol that operates the successful Diamond Edge Model of education. Increasingly popular among independent schools, under the Diamond Edge Model boys and girls are taught together until Year 7 then separately for many core subjects until Year 10 when they come back together for GCSE.

We chose to operate the Diamond Edge Model as we firmly believe that for certain subjects, at certain ages, boys and girls learn better in single sex groups and for others their learning is enhanced by being taught together. In the important years when boys and girls start in the Senior School their learning styles can be very different – boys, for example, are more spatially aware at this age whereas girls have well-developed verbal skills. With this in mind we worked with educationalists and experienced Diamond Edge Model practitioners to identify the core subjects where we felt boys and girls would perform better if they were taught separately. In Years 7-9 pupils are taught English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics in single sex groups.

In a world where men and women live and work equally alongside one another, positive social interaction between boys and girls at all ages is important. At Clifton High School our boys and girls benefit greatly from interacting with each other socially at all stages of their education and development. The Diamond Edge Model provides the best of both worlds - single sex teaching when it is most beneficial, together with opportunities to interact socially.

Clifton High has been operating the Diamond Edge Model of education since 2009. In 2014 we announced our first set of A level results for pupils who have been educated since it was introduced. Across all students over 26% achieved all A* or A grades and an impressive 80% of students went on to Russell Group universities.