World Challenge

Our older students are encouraged to take part in a World Challenge expedition which  runs on alternating years for Year 8 pupils and Year 11 pupils. Students who join an expedition will embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery, which for some is a life-changing experience. Participants develop and learn transferrable life skills and competencies, they learn to build relationships and gain confidence all of which may help to secure university places or impress a future employer.


In the course of a World Challenge expedition students will face a series of mental and physical challenges, taking them outside their comfort zones and teaching them how to overcome adversity. Expeditions typically involve voluntary work such as building a school or planting trees, combined with outdoor physical challenges such as white water rafting, mountain climbing or trekking.  Students work as part of a team, taking responsibility, setting and meeting objectives and learn to become more confident at decision making. They will also learn to become more environmentally aware by exploring diverse landscapes and will gain insight, understanding and an appreciation of other cultures. 

Clifton High School students embrace World Challenge and the opportunities it offers to each and every one of them.


  • 2006: Cambodia and Thailand
  • 2008: Uganda
  • 2010: Nicaragua and Costa Rica
  • 2012: Namibia
  • 2015: Costa Rica
  • 2016: Iceland
  • 2017: Nepal