Houses, Charities and Local Community

As an all-through school educating children from three to eighteen, encouraging links and relationships across the year groups is an important aspect of school life. At Clifton High we operate a popular house system which rewards and challenges boys and girls and provides a focus for group loyalty while at the same time bringing together the younger and older children.

Within Clifton High our four houses, Winkworth, Pears, Wollaston and Percival, are named after two pioneering men and women who were our earliest founders and benefactors. Children are allocated a house from Year 3 and remain part of that house for their entire time at Clifton High School. It is with great excitement that children are assigned to houses at the start of the Junior School and loyalty, competitiveness and an affinity with their house is forged straight away.

Competition is a core part of the house system; pupils are awarded house points throughout the school year either at inter-house competitions, for academic or sporting excellence, for contributing to the school community and for simply upholding the school values. The much anticipated house challenge day is held at the end of the Summer Term.

Our house system goes beyond simple competition however. House captaincy offers a position of responsibility within the school; Senior house captains are appointed annually and Junior School captains are rotated on a termly basis. Each house must also nominate and select a house charity to support throughout the year. We believe that with an excellent education comes responsibility, we want our young people to go out into the world with a sense of social responsibility; ready to make a contribution to society. Our house system is one of the many opportunities we offer our boys and girls to help us achieve this aim.