Aims, Ethos and Values

Our overarching Aim is simple: to Realise Individual Brilliance 

Our small class sizes and focused tutoring allows us to know our pupils in ways not always possible in larger schools. Our School Ethos will help to create a community to support this. 


At Clifton High School, we want to ensure that all pupils enjoy learning, see the worth in a holistic education and to try their very best. We want pupils to learn how to deal with success and defeat, and over time to discover their individual brilliance so that they can become passionate in their interests and, consequently, have fulfilling careers, providing the potential to live full and satisfying lives. Our School Ethos will celebrate the individual, in all the ways that we are different and ultimately all the ways each of us is unique. We should be proud of who each of us is; our sex, gender, gender reassignment, age, race, colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion, faith or other beliefs. Clifton High School’s ethos will look to create a safe culture in which our school aim, to realise individual brilliance, can be achieved.

Key Values

Our aim and ethos are further supported by four key values which are embedded in our school community: Curiosity, Empathy, Love, and Direction

Curiosity: From curiosity comes learning, the bedrock of any school. We aim to promote a sense of curiosity in all our young people, to instil a love of learning in all areas of school life, promoting informed questioning and debate alongside self-motivation and the passion to explore new ideas independently.

Empathy: You never really understand a person until you consider things from their point of view. We aspire to foster empathy in all our young people which will allow them to operate in a world which is dependent on human interaction and will give them the necessary skills and desire to change the world in positive ways. Empathy is the foundation of kindness and kindness the route to a fulfilling life.

Love: Love is the value that makes our relationships better, whether those relationships are with others or with oneself. Love for others means wanting what is good for them and can be achieved more effectively when one has love for oneself, providing self-confidence and resilience to face the challenges in the world. We also celebrate a love for the natural world, encouraging a passion for being outdoors and, consequently, nurturing a desire to preserve our planet for the generations to come.

Direction: We value aspiration and achievement in all things, both within and beyond the curriculum. We encourage the highest ambition and personal commitment and aim to support individuals to achieve the goals they set themselves. Having direction gives purpose and drives motivation.