Parents Association

The Clifton High School Parents' Association is a sociable, active and enthusiastic body. Its goal is to make an effective contribution to our School through the social events that it organises. Its mandate is to enrich the school community by providing opportunities for parents to come together, to support the School in the education of its pupils, and to provide fundraising support for extras.

What does the PA do?

The PA organises a wide range of events during the school year including the Christmas and Summer Fairs, Quiz Night and Campfest. It also runs the Nursery School to Year 6 discos. The PA also supports school activities, by providing helpers for school events.

Who can join the PA?

  • All Clifton High parents are automatically members of the PA and are welcome to all meetings including the AGM
  • The PA Management Committee is made up of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Class Reps Liaison and these people are elected at the AGM each year
  • Alongside this the PA is made up of a team of sociable, enthusiastic and willing volunteers who provide hands-on support for the successful PA events that happen throughout the year
  • If you are interested in becoming a PA volunteer or need to contact them then please email:

Purchases for the School

The PA have pledged some extremely valuable gifts to our School and our pupils.


  • A new cataloguing system for the Junior Library,
  • Computer equipment for the Mathematics Department,
  • A visit from a Spanish theatre company for the Modern Languages Department,
  • A camera and IT software for Art and Design,
  • A glockenspiel for the Music Department,
  • Digital blue cameras for the Junior Department,
  • Bee-keeping equipment
  • A range of support for the Enhanced Learning Department.


  • Ultraviolet Exposure unit for the Art and Design Department
  • Football strip for the Sports Department
  • CPR Mannequin for Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
  • Video Camera for the Art and Design Department