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Clifton High School's libraries offer an extensive range of fiction and non-fiction resources to support the curriculum and inspire a love of reading.  Through the libraries we host a programme of events including clubs, author visits, storytellers, competitions and World Book Day activities.

The Librarian can be contacted via the School Office or by email:

Reading Cloud Catalogue

All pupils at Clifton High School have access to the online catalogue, 'Reading Cloud' where they can check their loans, search for books, write reviews, catch up with the latest library news, and reserve books. The catalogue can be accessed at School, and at home via the icon below:

Our Libraries

As a 3-18 school, Clifton High hosts a number of libraries, catering for different areas of the school community. 

Junior Library

The Junior Library serves the EYFS Department and the Junior School. Shelves reflect classroom learning as well as popular titles and books designed to stimulate learning and reading for pleasure. It is open every lunchtime for recreational reading for junior children and every afternoon for class library sessions during which children can change their books, read together, undertake research for topic work and learn about the arrangement and use of the library.

The EYFS section holds over 2500 fiction, non fiction and picture books. The Junior section holds 5000 fiction and non fiction books, including graphic novels and magazines. All children have access to both areas where appropriate and under adult supervision.

Nursery-Year 2 visit the library weekly with their class and junior children, fortnightly. There are also clubs for all ages and a rolling programme for Year 5 children to be Library Monitors.

Senior Fiction Library

The Senior Fiction Library serves all senior pupils. It houses 3500 titles, including classics, popular current fiction and graphic novels, and caters for all abilities. It is open at break and lunch during the school day, and Year 7 and 8 English classes have a timetabled library session fortnightly to encourage reading for pleasure. Pupils can also use the library to play quiet board games, with Scrabble still proving a particular favourite. A weekly Book Club attracts all ages and generates enthusiastic debate and recommendations.

Books with specific age-related content are labelled with a clear colour-coded system.

Senior Library

The Senior Library also serves all senior pupils. It houses 9,000 non fiction books and reference titles, plus magazines, newspapers and DVDs. PCs also offer access to a wide range of online journals. Sixth form students use the Senior Library as a study area.

The senior library is open from 8.00am-6.00pm daily to senior pupils. Homework Room is located in the Senior Library daily between 4.15-6.00pm.

Each year one or two sixth form students take on the role of Student Librarian and are involved in a range of activities to support the service.













Please also see the Library Policy under the 'Our Parents', Policies tab