Eco Matters

Clifton High School's Eco Committee is a thriving, student led group who make an impact on numerous parts of our School life. As a School, we are passionate about sustainability, ecology, and conserving local and global environments. Our Eco Committee strive to put these words into actions.  

Under the supervision of Mrs Giles, Head of Geography, our current Eco and Sustainability Lead, Matty, in Year 12, has proven to be an ambitious and competent leader, and has coordinated and organised many events and policies that shape how our School operates.

Early in the Autumn Term, the Eco Committee meet with Mr Bennett, Head of School, to present and agree the Eco Aims for the year.


Short term: To be plastic free 

Medium term: To apply for a Green Tariff 

Long term: To be a paper free School

The Eco committee meet weekly in the Eco room to plan and discuss how the School can help to tackle pressing environmental issues. Guest speakers are invited monthly to help broaden understanding and inspire ideas for how the committee can do more. For example, the Eco Committee took part in a workshop run by world renowned expert on eco-anxiety, Clover Hogan, and consequently staff received a Continuous Professional Development Day run by her. 

Below is a list of some of the amazing projects the Eco Committee achieved in recent years:

  • Clifton High School have achieved the Green Flag award three times
  • Biodiversity and lifecycle tuition
  • Active Travel Week
  • Biodiversity monitoring of the school site by pupils using iNaturalist app

  • Live animal handling session (ducks, chickens, axolotl, tarantula, kestrel)

  • Building habitats such as bog gardens and wildflower meadows

  • Supporting Food Committees: pupils and eco specialists in school promoted sustainable strategies to the chef

  • Developing outdoor classrooms: solid wooden framed classroom, tables in eco garden, designs for a willow sculpture with seating

  • Implementing a clean air zone around the School

  • Eco Photo competition for pupils, staff and parents

  • Bright Green Day: a day of whole school eco activities took place in 2019

  • Eco Masterclass bus trips

  • Eco assemblie: many assemblies are run by the eco committee 

  • The recycling centre is student led and supervised by sixth formers