Working with Parents

At Clifton High School we firmly believe that parents and the school should work together in an atmosphere of mutual respect and partnership to support the development and learning of the children.

We respect the role of parents in their child’s education and welcome opportunities to discuss each child's development and any concerns you may have. Input from parents and carers is valued and parents are kept fully informed about their child’s progress and the life of the school.

Written reports are sent out each term and parents are encouraged to make an appointment to see their child's teacher should they require additional time to discuss any aspect of their child's progress. Teachers will not hesitate to contact parents if they feel a meeting with them would be beneficial; good communication between the school and parents is considered to be of great importance.

Our parents are also a valuable resource to us. We welcome parents who are able to share relevant skills and experiences with our children, be that professional or cultural. We have recently welcomed a surgeon, anaesthetist, architect and a pilot into our classrooms. These experiences have helped the children to appreciate current topics or areas of study.