Providing a high- quality education, setting high expectations and first class learning and teaching are central to Clifton High School. Children throughout the Junior School are taught by a range of specialist teachers from across the school in addition to their class teacher.  

As Children progress through the Junior School, they are taught by an increasing number of specialist teachers. Specialist lessons in Years 3, 4 and 5 include Games, PE, Swimming, Languages,  Drama, Music and Singing. By the time children reach Year 6 this extends to specialist lessons in: Mathematics, Science, PE, Swimming, Games, Art, Languages, Drama, Singing and Music. All other lessons, including, Technology, Computing, Adventure, Leadership, Theme and PSHE (including RSE) are taught by class teachers.  

Specialist teaching enables a seamless transition to the Senior School; the pupils already know the teachers and the teachers know and understand each and every pupil. This enables senior school teachers to continue to plan for the individual needs of each pupil as they arrive at their next chapter of their education.  

All lessons, throughout the Junior School, are differentiated to ensure the needs of all children are being met. Extension tasks are planned for, and all children are stretched and challenged. Teachers have high expectations of all pupils and high quality marking and feedback is essential to ensure excellent progress for all.  

All Junior School teachers have considerable experience; they foster a strong work ethic and creative thinking while embedding the school values of Love, Empathy, Curiosity and Direction. Teachers have a genuine passion in recognising the individual brilliance of every pupil and enriching the lives of the children they teach and work with. Class sizes are small and first-class teaching coupled with outstanding pastoral care means our pupils receive a wonderful, well rounded and holistic education.  

Teachers are encouraged to reflect on their practice, develop new skills and show innovation and adaptability. Teachers attend professional development throughout the year to ensure they are aware of current educational initiatives and are kept abreast of good practice. Regular curriculum audits and modification of teaching, considering changes in educational thinking, allows us to ensure we are catering for the pupils in our cohorts. This enables us to maintain a broad but balanced approach, which ensures our pupils develop a love of learning and that they discover and develop every talent.  

Teachers work closely with and are well supported by our Enhanced Learning Department (ELD) and our English as an Additional Language (EAL) Department. Close communication with these departments ensures the needs of all pupils are being met.