IT Cloud Services

Access to IT Cloud Services

Clifton High School provides a variety of IT services for both parents and pupils which are accessible from home. 

Choose the service you wish to use from the list below:  

Sport and Extra Curricular Learning

The SOCS Sport platform allows pupils and parents to access information about sporting events and extra-curricular activities offered by Clifton High School.

Direct Link: 

Parent Portal

The Parent Portal allows pupils and parents to access timetable information, book parent's evening sessions and see pupils' past and current reports.

Direct Link:

E-mail - Office 365 Outlook Webmail

Pupils from Year 4 to Year 13 are able to access their school e-mail through a web browser.

Direct Link:

Home Access Plus+

All My Documents files stored on school computers are accessible to pupils from home by visiting the Home Access Plus+ link, and typing in their school username (not e-mail address) and password.

Direct Link:

Google Classroom

Senior School pupils are set work electronically using the Google Classroom platform. All pupils have access to the system using their school e-mail address and password.

Direct Link:

The School Library

Click the link below to access the School Library.

Direct Link: The School Library

The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub provides Senior School pupils with access to subject content materials, past paper questions, mock papers and extension activities. Please ensure you are logged into your school Google account here before attempting to visit the Learning Hub or you will receive a 404 error.

Direct Link: The Learning Hub