Working with Parents

We respect the role of parents in their child's education and welcome opportunities to discuss each child's development and any concerns you may have. Input from parents and carers is valued and you are welcome to accompany your child into the classroom at the beginning of each day.

Parents are kept fully informed about their child's progress and the life of the school in general. Regular parent/teacher meetings, welcome evenings and staff/parent socials take place. We also run parent workshops to provide information and support regarding your child’s development, recent workshops include  'Children’s speech and language development, and practical strategies to support your child' and 'Supporting your child with reading and phonics'.

Written reports are issued twice a year and parents are invited to two parents evenings over the course of the academic year. Teachers will not hesitate to contact parents if they feel a meeting with them would be beneficial; good communication between the school and parents is considered to be of great importance.

Our parents are also a valuable resource to us. We welcome parents who are able to share relevant skills and experiences with our children, be that professional or cultural. We have recently welcomed a pilot and a surgeon into our classrooms as well as a parent who re-enacted stories about people surviving the Titanic. These experiences have helped the children to appreciate current topics or areas of study. Parents are also invited to join us on school trips.