Clifton High School is renowned for the outstanding pastoral care given to each boy and girl. Underpinning all we do at Clifton High is the care with which we guide and support our children.

There are two or three classes in each year. Reception and Year 1 classes have a qualified teacher and a teaching assistant. In Year 2, each class is taught by a qualified teacher and qualified teaching assistants support classes. Class sizes are small and allow staff to know the children well and to devote more time to each individual child and two 1:1 tutorial sessions each week allow staff to have quality times with their pupils.

Excellent pastoral care makes a significant difference to a child's wellbeing and development and it is important that children feel safe, secure and supported. The teachers and teaching assistants ensure that each child feels a valued member of the school community so that a strong self-image and self-esteem are promoted.

At playtimes and lunchtimes, we have a high level of adult supervision and our Year 2 playground buddies are always on hand to support any child who is feeling lonely or anxious.

Children's achievements are celebrated and their progress is closely monitored so that any need for special provision is quickly identified. Our Enhanced Learning Department provides additional support for the boys and girls.

Teachers and teaching assistants work closely with parents in an atmosphere of mutual respect; written reports and parent/teacher meetings provide opportunities to report on academic progress and social development. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to meet the class teacher to discuss any aspect of their child's wellbeing and teachers will contact parents should they have any issues they wish to raise.

We are proud of the pastoral care provided for our boys and girls at Clifton High School; we believe it is second to none.