Life in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2

Life in Reception to Year 2 is happy, nurturing, vibrant and fun. Learning is a joy and children are encouraged to develop and grow into confident individuals who want to make the most of every learning opportunity they encounter. 

Children attend School from 8.45am-3.30pm. Parents are welcomed into School, doors are open and children can be dropped off into the classroom from 8.30am. Alternatively our wrap-around care provision allows for children to be dropped at Early Birds from 8.00am, Reception and Year 1 children go to the Rose Theatre, and Year 2 children sign in near the MUGA in the playground and then go to their classroom. At the end of the School day, children can stay at Late Room until 4.10pm or After School Activity Club until 6.00pm.

A typical day will see your child enjoying both indoor and outdoor activities, with their time being arranged into three teaching periods. A variety of learning activities coupled with excellent support from the teaching staff ensures that children are happy, engaged and inspired throughout each school day. Each day children have a physical activity - Dance, PE, Swimming, Adventure, Tennis.

Children in Reception to Year 2 are fully involved in the Clifton High School community  including activities such as sports day and charity events such as Red Nose Day or Foodbank appeals. They are encouraged and welcome to attend both the carol service and Rose Day.

Lunch and snacks

Lunch is provided every day between 11.50am and 12.30pm; children are asked to bring in their own healthy, nut-free, mid-morning snack. Lunch menus change regularly and we aim to ensure that children have a balanced diet and are encouraged to explore a range of foods.  Friendly, lunchtime supervisors are present in both the playground and in the Dining Hall during lunch break to encourage good behaviour and excellent table manners, to engage the children in lunchtime activities and ensure an enjoyable break for the boys and girls.