International Pupils - Home Boarding

Clifton High School is not a boarding school but we do welcome international students who intend to live in the UK without a parent or guardian. We do this through our home boarding service which is available to students aged 16 or over studying for GCSEs and A levels.

It is our aim that all international students are fully integrated within school life socially, academically and in extra-curricular activities. In order to achieve this and to ensure all our students get the very best from their education and their time in the UK, we offer home boarding. Unlike a boarding school, international pupils do not live at school but with carefully selected host families who are linked with the school and who live in the local area. 

As with all our boys and girls, Clifton High School gives all its international students every opportunity to realise their full potential. Students discover and develop their own aptitude and interests, whether academic, sporting, artistic or in performance. Our international students form strong, lasting friendships, a network which will be of benefit throughout their lives. We encourage all our young people to believe in themselves, to think independently and to face challenges with confidence, determination and a sense of excitement. We prepare them for university life and provide excellent support for the university selection process.