Combined English and French Curriculum

Clifton High School is the first school in Bristol to offer French speaking children and young people the opportunity to follow both the French and the English curriculum at the same time.  We do this by offering a well-established programme of the French curriculum set up by the CNED, affiliated to the French Ministry, which provides a French educational standard for students living overseas. 

The combined programme enables French speaking pupils to follow the English curriculum and learn to speak and write English fluently, while at the same time, acquiring the same knowledge and methodology as if they were receiving their education in France. As a result, each year the students obtain the official certification from the CNED which keeps their options open should they wish to return to France and integrate back into the French system in the future.

How the combined curriculum works in practice

The French curriculum is incorporated into the individual pupil’s regular day-to-day timetable and this tailor-made programme will be carefully designed to each child’s specific requirements and learning needs allowing them to be active members of Clifton High School and its community, enjoying all the benefits that this provides.

Pupils are taught by qualified tutors provided by FAST Tutoring and the number of lessons they receive depends on their age and individual needs. Younger children typically have around five hours per week and older children between eight and nine hours per week. All of the French curriculum lessons are integrated into the regular timetable of Clifton High School and are taught in small groups of one to five pupils in dedicated classrooms.

More about the CNED and FAST Tutoring

  • CNED stands for the Centre National d’Enseignement à Distance and was created in 1939 by the French Ministry of Education to provide a French educational standard for students living overseas. The programme provides a set curriculum and evaluation system for students from nursery age to university level in over 200 countries around the world.
  • Clifton High School offers the French and English curriculum programme in association with FAST Tutoring - the only company in Bristol certified by the CNED. FAST has been successfully teaching the French curriculum for over eleven years and Clifton High School is the only school outside London to offer this course.


We probably wouldn’t have moved to Bristol if we couldn’t have found a solution to combine the French and English curriculum programme. Our girls were already quite advanced in the French system as they were 10 (junior school) and 14 (senior school) when we moved here.

We wanted them to get the best out of the 2 education systems without compromising our return to the French education system. Clifton High School provides us with the perfect solution. Great support to our girls to navigate between the 2 systems in terms of people, organisation and experience. Our girls have actually increased their level in the French curriculum benefiting from a small group in the class and a more individualised approach in the learning process. They are also completely integrated in the English curriculum, being now fluent in English.

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